I have registered for the program, now what?

From the landing page www.demo4.artvens.com , simply fill in your login name and password to log into the program. You will automatically be on the “Course” Tab page where it will list the next steps or assignments that you need to complete.

My assignment is asking me to take a picture of my tools. Why?

Part of the program is being able to audit the tools being used. This picture of your tools will be databased in your file. If the wrong tools are being used, we will make sure that you get the proper ones.

Do I take a picture of my compression tool and preptool in the same picture?

Yes, just lay both tools down on the table and snap a shot of both of them at the same time. Make sure you get both tools in the frame of the picture. It is best to take a picture by holding your phone or camera directly over your tools.

I am using a desktop PC. How do I send you a picture of my tools?

You will need to get a picture file on your PC. You can take the picture with a digital camera and transfer the file to a folder on your PC. Or you can take a picture with your smartphone and e-mail the picture to yourself where you will have e-mail access on the PC. If you e-mail the picture, you will have to save the file in a folder that you remember. During the tool picture step in your assignment, you will have the opportunity to browse your file folders and choose the right picture.

What are the video assignments?

There are two categories of video assignments. The short video assignments are focused on explaining cause, affect, and correction of specific issues seen with the student’s turned in jumper. The “Main Training Video” is the video that everyone needs to view and take notes on for the final exam.